Fountain or Cluster banners - Branded gazebos Bulk Supplier. Flags and Banners Displays Direct

Just Flags and Banners
We produce upto 50 branded gazebos
and over 500 Sharkfin banners per week!
We brand bulk flags and banners best in south Africa
Flags and banners and branded gazebo supplier
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Budget Flags and banners
and other indoor
and outdoor branding materials
and advertising display units.

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Fountain or Cluster banners

Fountain or Cluster banners base for sharkfin banners.
Cluster Flag Stands and other flag and banner display products
Cluster Flag Stands can be used for Sharkfin, Telescopic and Curved Banners. Ideal to display your brand and variety of products.
Can be used Indoor or outdoor.
The Cluster Flag Stand excludes the Flags. Flags should be ordered separately on our website.
  • 4 Flag Cluster Stand
    • Includes 4 x your choice of Telesopic | Sharkfin | Curved Banners

2m R2350.00
3m R2805.00'
4m R3205.00

We are an advertising material supplier, printer and manufacturer
based in Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa
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