Job opportunities with flags and banners co - Branded gazebos Bulk Supplier. Flags and Banners Displays Direct

Just Flags and Banners
We produce upto 50 branded gazebos
and over 500 Sharkfin banners per week!
We brand bulk flags and banners best in south Africa
Flags and banners and branded gazebo supplier
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Budget Flags and banners
and other indoor
and outdoor branding materials
and advertising display units.

064 507 2841

Job opportunities with flags and banners co

Make tons of money working yourself on FB from anywhere in the world...
Simply post the photos, price and description of my products that I will post here or even save images, prices and descriptions from my website.
Please note that the ad's should NOT BE SHARED. If you share, then the requests will come directly to me and you'll lose your com
Here is how you must do it in order to earn lots of MOoLLa:)
1. Scroll down and look for any one of the products below that you would like to advertise (or take it from my www).
2. Save (or download) the image
3. Copy the text and price.
4. Open the platform or page you wana post the ad on (I.E. FB or Instagram)
6. Paste the text or description of the product
7. Upload the image and post.

If a client replies to any ad that you've placed or advertised, please ask for their “Number or Emil address” so one of our professional sales ladies can contact them.  Now just send me a massage or inbox direct on FB with a message that looks something like this:
John Doe
072 780 3278 (or email address)
Sharkfin banner (or whatever product advertisement the client reacted to)
Your email address.
That’s it. Easy as pie.
My professional sales team will contact the client, get all details needed and get the quote done from our end, we will then e-mail it to both you and to the client.

As soon as the client is happy with the order and makes the payment, my accountant will open an account under your name in our QuickBooks accounting system.  All your clients will always be invoiced under your name. So even when a client places an order with us in the future, it will always come up under your name and we will always pay you your 2.5% com on every deal even if you didn’t know that an order was placed.
This is my way to ensure that I keep you posting more and more ad’s to ensure that your customer data base grows on our side.
The only term and condition that I have for this amazing offer is that you must give me at least one lead per day.
Trust me, this is not difficult to achieve and it will keep you in the money😊
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to WhatsApp, inbox or call me direct.
Always at your service
Tommy du Preez
We are an advertising material supplier, printer and manufacturer
based in Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa
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